Some travel insurance products, including complimentary travel insurance offered as a credit card benefit, provide cover for rental vehicle excess up to a nominated value.

However, often travel insurance does not provide cover for the car rental company premium location surcharges, administration fees or damage exclusions such as single vehicle accidents, windscreen damage, under body and overhead damage.

The rental vehicle excess exclusions vary depending on which car rental company you hire your car from.

In some instances, the items excluded from travel insurance can result in thousands of dollars of uninsured damage exposure.

It is important to carefully check the specific terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy first to ensure that your hire car journey is adequately covered.

The insurance sold by Rental Vehicle Excess (RVE) Insurance is a specialized product to provide cover for not only the rental vehicle excess but also common damage exclusions including single vehicle accidents, windscreens and auto glass, roof, tyres and underbody of the rental vehicle.

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) provides full details of the Allianz Australia product sold by RVE Insurance.