The insurance sold by Rental Vehicle Excess Insurance is an Allianz Australia product.

It is a comprehensive alternate that is often more affordable than the excess reduction sold by car rental companies at the counter.

The product provides cover for all licensed car rental companies for travel within Australia. It can be purchased online anytime before you collect your hire car.

The Allianz rental vehicle excess insurance product provides cover for damage caused by an accident, or if the car is stolen plus a number of damage causes often excluded by the car rental companies including single vehicle accidents, windscreen and tyre damage, underbody and overhead damage.

Damage costs are reimbursed up to your chosen excess value; either $4,000, $6,000 or $8,000.

Car rental companies on the other hand, offer Excess Reduction Products (also referred to as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)) when you pick up your hire car at the counter.  

Excess Reduction is a fee paid directly to the car rental company in exchange for them charging your credit card a reduced excess or nil excess in the event of an accident.

The excess reduction products are not insurance and offerings vary between each car rental company.

Please note, RVE Insurance cannot provide personal advice or opinion on direct product comparison.