So you've purchased both rental vehicle excess insurance from Rental Vehicle Excess (RVE) Insurance and excess reduction from the car rental company? 

It is possible to obtain benefit from both products, providing the claimed amount is not being reimbursed twice (please refer to the Allianz PDS reference below for further clarification).

 If you had an incident while in possession of the rental car and you had purchased both the car rental company excess reduction product and rental vehicle excess insurance, you could lodge a claim with Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) for the out of pocket expense that remains after the car rental company's product had been applied.

For example, car rental company products often have an out of pocket expense (eg. reduced damage liability fee to $1,000 instead of $4,000) plus product damage exclusions (not covered by the car rental company excess reduction product) such as windscreen, under body and overhead damage and single vehicle accidents. The reduced financial liabilities and product inclusions / exclusions vary depending on the product purchased and which car rental company you hire from. 

So, for example, if you purchased a car rental company excess reduction product where you were still liable for a reduced damage liability fee of $1,000, you would be able to lodge a claim with AGA for the $1,000 out of pocket expense the car rental company charges you.

The paragraph titled "If you can claim from anyone else, we will only make up the difference" on page 11 of the Allianz Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) provides further information about this topic. The Product Disclosure Statement is attached to policy confirmation emails and can also be viewed on the RVE Insurance website. 

Please note, the products sold by car rental companies are excess reduction products not insurance. The Allianz Australia product sold by RVE Insurance is an insurance product.